Random Thoughts Inspired by an Act of Kindness

Why are we so quick to throw the word “love” around about inanimate objects or people that we will never meet – “I love that movie!”  or “I just love the lead singer of (insert name of favorite band here) – but we are so hesitant to say it to those that would be most touched and built up by it?

Why do we allow one critical statement to have more influence on our self-image than a positive statement?

What would happen if we each went out of our way to do one kind deed for another or say one kind word to another each day?  Imagine if everyone in your circle of friends, family and workplace made this a goal!

See, someone took the time to write me a personal note in which this person expressed their gratitude to me.  We’ve shared some performing arts experiences together and, according to the note, I have been lucky enough to help inspire this person.  There was nothing profound about the experiences.  And I was extremely surprised by the depth of his gratitude.

Just reminds me AGAIN that we never know the power of a “You can do it” or “I believe in you.”