Unexpected Turns

In the midst of all of my seeking I got an unexpected ministry offer today.  Actually, it came to hubby’s email first.  Then he forwarded it on to me.  Now there is a decision to be made.

Not ready to give many details yet since I haven’t made my final decision.  But I can give the following information:

1.  It hits on a couple of areas of passion that matter quite a bit to me.

2.  It wouldn’t be a HUGE time involvement.

3.  It would give me the chance to get more involved with our Women’s Ministries at the regional level.

Still need to chat with hubby about the possibility – weight the pros and cons for our family, get his insight on whether or not he thinks I’m up to the task, etc.

This doesn’t really settle any of the other “stuff”.  But in a weird way it is encouraging.  It’s a reminder that God may be asking me to take a “sabbatical” from one ministry involvement but that doesn’t mean he has nothing for me to do!