. . . Like I Had Lost My Mind

One of my part-time jobs involves working at the local high school as the accompanist for the choral department.  This means that I have to attend a handful of back-to-school meetings to make sure that the district is complying with regulations.

It was during one of those meetings today that a school employee and I got to chatting about our jobs in the district.  When she asked what I did I explained that I am the choral department accompanist at the high school.  She then asked how I enjoyed working part-time.  Then I had to explain that I work part-time as a professor at the local college and have three different paying theater gigs over the course of this school year as well.  Her response was something about how rough it must be to juggle those jobs and without thinking I said, “Actually, I really enjoyed it last year and am looking forward to it again this year.”

And that’s when it happened.

She looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Or like I had grown a third eye in the middle of my forehead.  She realized her “look” and said something to the effect of “Sorry for looking so shocked but that just sounds like a crazy schedule.  I guess it’s a good thing you enjoy it!”

When I had told her I enjoyed my work situation, it had been a knee jerk reaction of sorts.  But I realized after saying it that I was actually speaking the truth.  I really am looking forward to all of the insanity of the coming school year . . .

. . . teaching two classes a semester at the local community college.

. . . accompanying the choirs at FDSH.

. . . working with three different theatrical productions from September through May.

. . . teaching a small number of private students.

. . . helping out in the concessions stand at home games (as a member of the band booster board).

Yeah, maybe I have lost my mind.  But I’m enjoying the experience!

Just Around the Corner

It won’t be too much longer until my favorite season is here and I’m getting a little excited!  I can’t wait for the crisp bite of the fall air, warm apple cider and cake donuts and football!

Some people find it strange that Fall is the season that motivates me to do that type of cleaning and prepping most closely associated with Spring.  Maybe it’s the beginning of the school year that makes me feel like there is a new beginning on the way.  Or maybe it’s because my birthday is in the fall so it’s the start of a “new year” for me.  I don’t know the reason but the closer we get to fall, the more motivated I am to do a heavy-duty cleaning, sort through my belonging and toss items I no longer need or use, get myself a little more organized, etc.

So come on Fall!  Getting excited for . . .

. . . cold, crisp Autumn nights, watching the band march and the football team play.

. . . the most gorgeous colors of foliage that I see all year.

. . . the bite in the air that is only associated with Fall.

. . . the first chilly day that dictates one have a hoodie on hand.

. . . a new school year, both as an adjunct professor and a parent.

. . . the return to the “insanity” that is a school year schedule.

Have I mentioned that I REALLY love Fall?!